S.E.A. Business Centre Pte. Ltd is a Singapore-based multinational corporations, sourcing and distribution of consumer goods in the region as a leader. The company’s Asia-Pacific through an extensive network that specializes in providing supply chain management for the region’s leading retailers and brand of high-volume, time-sensitive type of goods.

S.E.A. Business Centre Pte Ltd provide experienced one-stop supply chain solutions to meet specific customer needs. Whether it is purchasing from product design, raw materials to production management, and quality control of other important functions, logistics, shipping, etc., which covers the entire supply chain.

S.E.A. Business Centre有限公司是总部位于新加坡的跨国集团,在消费品采购及分销上作为区域领先者。本公司通过广泛的亚太地区网络,专门为区域领先的零售商和品牌的大批量、高时效类型商品提供供应链管理。

S.E.A. Business Centre有限公司提供经验丰富的一站式供应链解决方案以满足客户的特定需求。无论是从产品设计,原材料采购到生产管理,还是质量控制,物流,航运等其他重要功能,其服务范围覆盖整个供应链。

Address : The Actuary, 745, Toa Payoh Lorong 5, #04-03, Singapore 319455.

Website : www.seabusinesscentre.com

Contacts : HP : 90683123, email : Chionh.sg@sbcmkt.com